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Put down your phone, it's time to look around at the real world, nature and all that this earth has to offer. We are not a traditional PR agency, we do creative communications. Neon Stash has over 8 enthusiastic years of experience in the action sports and adventure industry, with a focus and expertise in brands doing good for the world. We have handled the communications for some of the biggest outdoor brands, events and athletes in the world. We have a strong network of women in the action sports industry, working across communications, content, creative, campaigns, copywriting and collaborations.

We aim to put our creativity and voice to good in the world.

Action sports & adventure communications, WITH SUSTAINABILITY AND NATURE AT THE ROOTS.



patagonia-logo (1).png

Working with the environmental led outdoor clothing company on freelance PR for special projects in Scotland.

Tie dye high five

Tie Dye High Five logo


Making sure the brand that brightens your life and encourages upcycling, gets noticed...


Scottish based environmental movement... coming soon.




Helping with product placement for the UK made skate brand.

PREVIOUS CLIENts (since 2012)


Event communications and media handling.

We handled the European comms for ‘Waiting for Lightning’ cinematic and DVD release.

howies logo


Getting the recognition the sustainable and local Welsh outdoor brand deserves.

huck magazine logo

We worked for Huck on the O'Neill event, 'Working Artisans Club. A 6-month communication and content based project.


Keeping the iconic 90s skate brand in the current media. 

DC Shoes logo


mountain dew logo

We managed the UK premiere and media side of things. 


we aim to make ADVENTURE AND CREATIVITY accessible.

We believe action sports and outdoor activities have a secret power and we use it to fuel our work and do good for the world.  Our mission is to communicate for brands, athletes and events who are taking care of the environment that they call their playgrounds and setting a good example. 


Through Content, Creative, Campaigns, Copywriting, you can see the type of Communications we do for our clients. 

who we are

What we do



It’s key, that’s what they say, and we agree. A picture tells a thousand words. A video tells… a lot more than we know. We work with brands to create content, use it and own it. We are experts at bringing crews together to make stories, check out The Free Life mag to see an example of how.


We also work on our own projects just for fun; such as Skate Like a Girl or Brits on Board. A lot of our content is around female actions sports and adventure, as we are supporters and content advocates of the female scene, and have gone out our way to capture the stories that encourage it. 




Did you know that over 70% of communication is non-verbal? So, we like to use the % away from words for the projects and brands we are working on. Gone are the days of calling up magazines, in are the days of tweeting at them.


Over the years, we have communicated for some of the biggest action sports brands and events. Looking after the UK PR for DC Shoes and howies, communicating on bespoke projects for Monster Energy, and we even helped launch Fat Face into the US last summer in Boston. Plus we handled the media for some of the biggest action sports film premieres that have passed through the UK - DC Shoes Waiting for Lightning, Mountain Dew's We Are Blood and Brainfarm's The Art of Flight.



Want to use action sports but don’t know much about it? To avoid the risk of getting it wrong, which is so easily done, we consult for brands in and out of the action sports industry. Helping projects or brands that need our perception or expertise, we specialise in consulting on female action sports related matters. Something that is getting much more attention these days!

& all the other c's






our content. our communications.

our collaborations. OUR CASES.

C = Communications

C = Communications

C = Content

C = Content

C = Communications

C = Communications

C = Content

C = Content



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